Welcome to Rosa Medica Clinic, formerly The Barn Practice


The name has been changed to Rosa Medica Clinic to reflect the sister business of essential oils, herbal medicines and products.

However the website has not been changed yet. So please bear with us until we get things up to date. I will also update my photo as I have changed a bit over the years!

I have given a description of each therapy/modality but I work under the umbrella of Naturopathic Medicine. My approach utilizes the skills I have learned and it will always encompass phytotherapy (herbal medicine) which includes aromatic medicine or what the French doctors call "Aromatherapie". The functional medicine side is where you want to use specific nutrients for a certain reason and it is essential that the necessary building blocks are in place. The advanced use of herbal medicine in a naturopathic way uses "organ drainage" techniques and an endocrine approach which is far more than a symptomatic treatment with herbs!

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